Illusion Ray Studio

Illusion Ray Studio Offers Insight Into Creating 3D Movies, VR in UE4

Lucas Smaga and Dominik Sojka on Sep 21, 2016 | design film and television vr

From establishing your production pipeline to identifying specific lighting techniques, Illusion Ray’s Lucas Smaga and Dominik Sojka offer their insight into crafting 3D movies and virtual reality projects in Unreal Engine 4.

Get to know the ocean in Journey-like diving adventure Abzu

Get to know the ocean in Journey-like diving adventure Abzu

Jeremy Peel on Sep 20, 2016 | games

Games have an unhappy relationship with the water. The ocean might ripple and sparkle with superficial beauty, but beneath the surface there’s only fog designed for outdoor weather systems. If it doesn’t kill you on contact, it’ll do it slowly as you struggle to save a stiff swimmer from their own control scheme.

Inside the sweltering sandbox of Firefighting Simulator

Inside the sweltering sandbox of Firefighting Simulator

Jeremy Peel on Sep 19, 2016 | games

The day starts at the station, the alarm bell resounding in your ears as you rush towards the vehicle bay. You’re taking a fire engine out into a vaguely West Coast city, steering its bulk quickly but safely through the traffic towards the location of a fire. Fellow emergency services update you on the situation as you go, and once parked up you step out of the vehicle to prep - plugging the engine into a water source and deciding on a course of action.


Fight for fire in the prehistoric PvP of B.C.E.

Jeremy Peel on Sep 16, 2016 | games

Two tribes of cavemen are locked in a Promethean struggle for light and warmth. Lightning has fortuitously struck a nearby tree, and both sides swarm out of their caves to steal the flames and start a fire. Torches double as clubs and spears, and if these prehistoric players can’t fuel their own fire they’ll settle for smothering the enemy’s.

Strike Vector EX

Strike Vector EX Revives the Aerial Arcade Shooter

Daniel Kayser on Sep 15, 2016 | games

Fast-paced with plenty of high-flying action, Strike Vector EX looks to reinvigorate the aerial shooter genre while adding a few new twists.