Grappling with the Mysteries of Devolver's Next Underground Smash, Absolver

Jeremy Peel on Oct 12, 2016 | games

Sloclap's Pierre de Margery discusses the design and unique direction of one of the industry's most talked-about titles - Absolver.

Ironbelly Studios

How Ironbelly Studios Is Targeting Success Inside the Unreal Engine Marketplace

Daniel Kayser on Oct 11, 2016 | marketplace

We catch up with Ironbelly Studios to discuss its impact on the Unreal Engine Marketplace, its process for creating new content and the obstacles and opportunities that exist as a vendor in the space today.

We Happy Few

Escaping the druggy dream world of We Happy Few

Jeremy Peel on Oct 4, 2016 | games

Compulsion Games chats with Jeremy Peel to discuss how the citizens of Wellington Wells are kept drugged and happy, oblivious to the reality of the alternate ‘60s English hellhole they’re living in.

Unreal Engine 4 Helps FX Scare San Diego Comic Con Attendees

Unreal Engine 4 Helps FX Scare San Diego Comic Con Attendees

John Gaudiosi on Oct 3, 2016 | vr

The American Horror Story Fear VR Experience was one of the most talked about virtual reality experiences at the annual pop culture convention. Find out why right now.


Vampyr Stalks the Infected Shadows of London

Brian Rowe on Sep 27, 2016 | games

While the settings may change, one thing about developer Dontnod Entertainmet's offerings remain constant -  the studio's talent for creating rich settings with intensely personal characters. Find out why the upcoming action-RPG Vampyr may present their most complex and compelling offering yet.