Join us for Broadcast & Live Events Week 2022

We’ve gone from AR floods to stadium-hopping mascots, from Coachella cockatoos to esports graphics tools, and there are no signs of slowing down.

In fact, walking around at IBC 2022 felt like a constant conversation about XR, LED volumes, and the ways people were planning on making their AR experiences more interactive for their talent and audiences. And the reason is simple: charming audiences has become a full-time job, and the bar keeps getting higher.

Broadcasters like FOX Sports see this as an opportunity to future-proof their productions, going all-in on cutting-edge virtual sets that let them bend XR, AR, and other graphics to their will. Live events see a new way to show audiences something they’ve never seen before. And no matter the goal—whether you’re trying to inform or delight—the winners are all doing the same thing: making moments that are impossible to forget.

Since Unreal Engine is driving these trends, we wanted to highlight some recent use cases and explain how those projects came to fruition during a week dedicated to broadcast and live events.
Image courtesy of FOX Sports
And it’s coming soon! October 10-14, in fact. So sign up for updates to learn how to create memorable moments for sports, music, and news as we showcase the best ways to use AR, XR, LED volumes, and more.
In practice, that means:
If you want to get into AR/XR, or figure out how to push your own real-time pipeline forward, this is the week for you. See you there!

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