Image courtesy of MonkeyRED - Architectural Visualization

Featured free Marketplace content—March 2022

In an ongoing partnership with Unreal Engine Marketplace creators, select content is available for free to the Unreal community each month, giving artists, designers, and programmers access to additional resources at no extra cost.

Check out this month’s great selection below!

March’s featured free content:

Bicycle With Animations | Mohamed Mohsen

Unreal Engine Free Marketplace March 2022 Bicycle Wth Animations
Cruise through production with this fully rigged city bicycle model and you’ll have your characters doing wheelies in no time.

Bridges | AmineSAADI

Unreal Engine Free Marketplace March 2022 Bridges 1
Build a bridge over troubled waters the easy way with two drag-and-drop Blueprints and six adjustable bridge types.

Contemporary Restaurant | MonkeyRED

Unreal Engine Free Marketplace March 2022 Contemporary Restaurant
The dishes are set. The tables are ready. Customize the decor and you’re in business.

Greenwood Fantasy Village | NOTLonely

Unreal Engine Free Marketplace March 2022 Greenwood Fantasy Village
You don’t have to make the magic from scratch. Cast a charming spell with a modular village drawn right out of a fairytale. 3D models, materials, particles, objects—you get it all here.

Journeyman's Minimap | Zhi Kang Shao

Unreal Engine Free Marketplace March 2022 Journeyman Minimap 1
There’s something about a map that makes people want to keep going. Encourage exploration through optimized minimaps and fog of war systems that will easily link with any gameplay-driven animations you throw at them.

March’s permanently free content:

Realistic Starter VFX Pack Vol 2 | FX Cat

Unreal Engine Free Marketplace March 2022 Realistic Starter Kit 1
Do you need water? Blowing leaves? Fish? How about bubbles?  Test ideas with the fun stuff today.

Like always, remember to grab this month’s content fast—it’s only free until the end of March!

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