Epic MegaGrants: 2021 Update

Since the beginning, Epic MegaGrants has only had one goal: support the developer/creator community in a way that would actively foster innovation and success. We knew that if done right, we would all benefit, since a rising tide lifts all boats.

Today, we are pleased to share that since its launch in 2019, Epic MegaGrants has now supported more than 1,600 creators and teams across 89 countries, with nearly 400 new recipients benefiting from the program this year alone.

“When imagination meets innovation, the possibilities are infinite, and with cutting-edge tools such as Unreal Engine available to all, creators have the freedom to express themselves without limits,” said Chris Kavcsak, Director of Epic MegaGrants and Strategy. “Through Epic MegaGrants we’ve had a special opportunity to not only accelerate this vision, but to support hundreds of talented people and teams around the world as they realize their dreams and continue to make amazing things.”

Epic MegaGrants represents our $100 million commitment to support anyone around the globe doing outstanding work with Unreal Engine or enhancing open-source capabilities for the 3D graphics community, whether they’re creating a game that will delight audiences, telling stories in a feature film, or helping to save lives with state-of-the-art medical training solutions.

From dinosaur survival games to Metaverse-ready fashion design platforms, get a glimpse at some of the impressive content from this year’s Epic MegaGrant recipients below. If you’d like to apply to receive an Epic MegaGrant, please visit: https://www.unrealengine.com/megagrants.


Vidloonnya Reborn - Sayri: The Beginning - Website

Explore the colorful planet of Ayris as Sayri, a telekinetic alien who has crash-landed on the planet while in search of a new home. Solve puzzles in the planet’s environments, make new friends, and find answers along the way.

Noisestorm - Crab Champions - Website

Claw your way across exotic islands to become a crab champion in Survival, Racing, and Duel modes.

Holy Cow Productions / Hobo Interactive / The Cirqus - Bot Rods - Website

Race around a futuristic world in Bot Rods, a family-friendly arcade game filled with adorable robot characters. Use power-ups, quirky weapons, and shortcuts to pilot your way to the top. 

Great Ape Games - The Lost Wild - Website

The Lost Wild is a survival-horror game where you’ll face AI-driven dinosaurs that react and behave like animals, not monsters. Explore an overgrown Japanese research facility nestled in a lush wilderness; scavenge locations and find valuable items; create makeshift contraptions to give you a fighting chance. Be resourceful, and outwit, intimidate, and endure to find a means of escape.

Redlock Studio - Shattered - Tale of the Forgotten King - Website

The world as it was is gone, lost with the disappearance of the King. As a wanderer of these forsaken lands, it is up to you to retrace the fall of civilization through skill-based combat, semi-open-world exploration, and the testimonies of survivors—some more trustworthy than others.

Cosmic Brew Studios - The Antimatter Kid - Website

Every child has a favorite toy, and for Mateo it’s his action figure, Optiman. But what happens when Optiman suddenly disappears? Who will help Mateo uncover the mysteries behind Optiman’s loss—as well as a family tragedy? Find out in The Antimatter Kid, a retro platformer with a touching story.


18 Degrees - Metropius - Website

Metropius is a sci-fi, dieselpunk franchise consisting of a TV series and game in the making. Set in an alternate future where World War II has continued to rage for 40 years, Metropius will take you into a mechanized city, complete with a melting pot of characters and dark stories.

D.ROCK-ART - Knights on Debris - Website

Flying spaceships, epic landscapes, giant mechs—see it all in Knights on Debris, an original sci-fi series from D.ROCK-ART, one of the first companies in China to explore real-time 3D animation production.

Hook Up Animation - Gilgamesh - Website

This feature film tells the mythical story of Gilgamesh, king of Uruk, who tyrannizes his subjects until they implore the gods for help. The deities decide to create Enkidu, a being whose destiny is to show Gigamesh the limits of his power.

Midnight Scientists - Forlorn - Website

Forlorn is an animated action-adventure short created by Alex St. Pierre. It tells the story of a mercenary treasure hunter who breaks into an ancient city and encounters something she did not expect.

Bunko Studios - Tranz-A-Tronz - Website

Now on Amazon Prime, Tranz-A-Tronz® is a tongue-and-cheek take on a children's edu-tainment show, starring robots originally intended to be caretakers of human “chil-dron” on an abandoned space station. Although there are no humans on the show, the bots continue with their misguided day-to-day endeavors of “teaching.”

MELS Studios - MELS Virtual Production - Website

MELS is expanding their virtual production offering, using the power of Unreal Engine to combine their studios, equipment, and post-production expertise into a singular production pipeline, complete with a dedicated real-time group.


The Fabricant - TF Studio, Season 0 - Website

Create digital fashion to own, wear, and monetize in the metaverse with The Fabricant Studio platform, which lets you collaborate with 3D designers and fashion brands while retaining a share of creators’ ownership on any pieces you’ve contributed to.

b.ReX GmbH - Intelligent Cycling - Website

Are you ready for an indoor cycling adventure? Explore more than 13 ever-changing, VR-ready environments based on your real-time workout with Intelligent Cycling, which is completely free and available on macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS (3D worlds on desktop only).


RPGScenery - Website

RPGScenery is a tool that helps RPG game masters visualize their stories. The application lets you walk around stunning live scenes, change their weather in real time, and switch to battlemap mode with one click. 

Eternal Monke Games - Dragon.IK - Universal Inverse Kinematics Plugin - Website

Dragon.IK is an all-in-one solution for IK and procedural character animation. Game developers can take advantage of IK solving designed to accommodate everything from humans to creatures, with features including foot placement, full-body aiming, VR 3-point solving, and more.

The Last Gameboard - Gameboard - Website

Gameboard is a tabletop console that gives players the tactile experience of physical board games, combined with the portability, connectivity, and immersive gaming experience of digital board games and tabletop RPGs. 

Daz 3D - Daz to Unreal Bridge - Website

Bring your favorite Daz content into your 3D games and animation projects with the Daz to Unreal Bridge plugin, which transfers your Genesis 8 and 3 content directly to Unreal Engine.


Bizzlogic - Virtual Events - Website

Want to get your brand ready for the metaverse? Collaborate with Bizzlogic to create tailored digital events, product launches, conferences, live concerts, and even team meetings that are sustainable, reusable, and globally accessible via a web browser.

ALICEVISION association - AliceVision - Website

AliceVision provides a fully integrated open-source framework for photogrammetry to infer the geometry of a scene from a set of unordered images. AliceVision technology—which is used in pipelines at Technicolor Creative Studios and more—includes tools for 3D reconstruction, 360° HDR creation, and camera tracking, and has been downloaded about one million times.


SCIEMENT, Inc. - Viewtify - Website

Viewtify is a medical image viewer that can turn CT or MRI scans into 3D visuals in real time, so that anyone can understand them for education and research. Viewtify also supports SONY's naked-eye stereoscopic display, ELF-SR1.

Below you can find a full list of Epic MegaGrant recipients that have agreed to be part of this announcement:
For more information about Epic MegaGrants, visit unrealengine.com/megagrants.

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