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Create network ready ziplines, teleporters, and jump pads with blueprint.

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*Please Note*: You must be able to select a GameMode in order to use the teleporters. Please ensure to add this project to a first or third person blueprint to use the demo level.


Place a single blueprint to have the ability to create ziplines or color coded teleporters and jump pads. Utilize the 'check box' ease of use to create the exact transportation system for your multiplayer or single player needs. Select your choice and your meshes, materials, and settings will update accordingly. It includes fully documented and exposed blueprint functions for easy understanding.

Technical Details

Designed for:
- Desktop
- Console
- VR

Static Meshes:
- 4 Meshes
- Range of Triangles per Mesh: 352-3110
Materials & Textures:
- 3 Parent Materials (for optimization)
- 13 Fully PBR Textures (4 Albedo - 4 Normal - 3 RoughMetal - 2 Emissive)
- Texture size: 2048x2048 (Cable - 256x256)
1 Blueprint. Check box ease of use for variable speed, transportation type, one way or two transport, glow color-wheel picker, glow intensity, and start/end base rotation variables to guide where your player faces on exit of transport. Easily replace meshes with your own custom assets.





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