Youtube Video Audio Player

Prediction Game - 代码插件 - 2024/04/11

Youtube Video Audio Player

  • 支持的平台
  • 支持的引擎版本
    5.1 - 5.4
  • 下载类型

This plugin is for youtube links and other video or audio links to media player.

13.04.2024 - Updates

  1. Seek Video Slider Forward,Prev (Second, Minute)

14.04.2024 - Updates

  1. Different Video Quality

21.05.2024 - Updates

  1. Mac Updates


Features: (Please include a full, comprehensive list of the features of the product)

  •  Use the Youtube Video Audio Player plugin in Blueprints
  •  Use GetYoutubeUrls function get url

Code Modules: (Please include a full list of each Plugin module and their module type (Runtime, Editor etc.))

  •  Not

Number of Blueprints: 1

Number of C++ Classes: 2

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: (Linux, MacOS, Windows32, Windows64)

Supported Target Build Platforms: (Android, HTML5, IOS, Linux, MacOS, Oculus, PlayStation4, SteamVR, Windows32, Windows64)


Example Project: Demo Projects

Important/Additional Notes: This Plugin also available for 4.27