Xandra Character Creator - Standard Edition

XANDRA - 代码插件 - 2024/05/23

Create your own characters, ready for games and vtubing! Easily change clothes, hair, skin, eyes, makeup, and proportions. Compatible with all F2 and M1 XANDRA character packs.

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Xandra Character Creator
Create your own Game & Vtuber Characters


This Standard Edition includes the Character Creator interface, and 15+ modular assets such as clothing and hairstyles to get you started.

Alternatively, the Deluxe Edition contains a larger set of 50+ assets.

The Xandra character creator allows you to create and save custom character appearances in the Unreal Engine editor to use in game, or as a Vtuber avatar, by selecting the appearance from your character blueprints.

You can even add in your own rigged items by following the steps in the documentation!

The Xandra Character Creator allows you to create and save custom character appearances at runtime within the Unreal Engine editor. Easily save and use your customized character blueprint in games, or as a Vtuber avatar.

Also includes an In-game version, allowing you to integrate the system into your game to design the player character's appearance.

Compatible with a Massive Library of Assets:

This character creator works with any "F2" and "M1" Characters, hairstyles and outfits on the Xandra 3D store.

Follow the simple instructions in the Getting Started guide to add them to the interface.

About the Characters:

  • Fully Rigged with ARKit 52 Blendshapes for easy face animation and Vtubing
  • ace and body customization sliders to edit proportions
  • Swap Hairstyles, heads and outfits with any other F2 or M1 packs on my store - a huge library of compatible assets to choose from!
  • Unreal Mannequin Skeleton - works with Epic store animation packs!
  • Easy Retargeting to UE5 Mannequin Skeleton

What else is included?

  • Bundled with over 15 modular character assets to create unique combinations
  • Select custom hair, skin and clothing colours
  • 3rd person movement controller demo
  • Also includes an In-Game character creator demo, which demonstrates how the system can be used to allow players to create and save their character appearance in a video game. Experience in blueprint scripting is required to adapt this to your game.

Where to Begin?

Please refer to our Getting Started Guide when using this product for the first time!

You may add your own custom clothing and hairstyle models to be used by the character creator, but this is only recommended for experienced users / 3D developers.

Modular Assets Included

  • 3 Female tops
  • 3 Female skirts
  • 3 Male torsos
  • 3 Male legs
  • 4 Female face types that can be adjusted with blendshapes
  • 4 Male face types that can be adjusted with blendshapes
  • 1 Female body mesh that can be adjusted with blendshapes
  • 1 Male body mesh that can be adjusted with blendshapes
  • 6 Eye makeup options
  • 1 Blush makeup option
  • 5 Male skin textures
  • 5 Female skin textures
  • 2 Female shoe/feet options
  • 2 Male feet options
  • 5 Female eyebrow options
  • 2 Male eyebrow options
  • 1 Female accessory option



Please refer to our Documentation as a getting started guide when using this product for the first time!

If you require further assistance, contact us at our support email and we'll respond within 3 business days.


  • An In-Editor character creator for creating custom Game & Vtuber characters
  • An In-Game character creator demo for video game implementation
  • Editable lists of assets that can be used in the character creator
  • Compatible with Xandra F2 and M1 Characters

Rigged: Yes

Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes

If rigged to the Epic skeleton, IK bones are included: Yes

Animated: Yes

Number of Animations: 3rd Person Demo Only

Animation types: In-Place

Number of characters: 2 - (Customizable male and female avatars)

Vertex counts of characters: 50,000

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 19 Materials + 37 Material Instances

Number of Textures: 210

Texture Resolutions: 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Number of Blueprints: 33

Number of C++ Classes: 6

Network Replicated: No

Third Party Software: