Wall Hiding System

Andrew Esenin - 蓝图 - 2023/08/01

This asset comes with a collection of Material Functions for hiding walls, vegetation, and other objects.

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    4.26 - 4.27, 5.0 - 5.4
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You can check out all the object hiding effects in the Playable Demo.

This asset is primarily designed for top-down games.

The focus is on precisely hiding only those walls behind which the player character is located.

All the effects work via a shader. In Blueprints, you only need to define the coordinates of one or more areas to hide (e.g. the coordinates of the player character).

You also need to connect one of the functions to the Opacity Mask channel of your material. See the demo for examples of combining functions with vegetation masks, and also other examples of use. 

For more detailed information, please see the documentation.


  • 7 customizable material hiding functions for walls, roofs, vegetation and other objects
  • Hidden objects can cast shadows
  • Works with mesh rotation and at any camera angle
  • Can add multiple targets for hiding
  • Works with decals
  • Post Process character outlining material is also included


Completely made in blueprints

The MF_Hide function for hiding walls works best with long meshes (Large size along one of the axes, or scaled along one of the axes). For large, square meshes, it is better to use a function with a hiding capsule called MF_Hide_Capsule.


  • 8 Material Functions
  • 29 Materials and Material instances
  • 5 Demo Blueprints and Widgets
  • 3 Noise Textures
  • 16 Meshes
  • Overview level