VR Inventory Plugin

Just2Devs - 5月 17, 2021

The inventory plugin includes three different type of inventories as well as force grab capabilities and weapon examples.

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    4.25 - 4.26
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The inventory system is a fully modular solution that allows integrating three different kinds of inventories in your game. You can choose to use any combination of them in your game as they are fully independent, the solution also offers a force grab functionality. All the various functionalities can be easily integrated into any project using the component-based solution.

The HLA inventory menu allows you to retrieve and attach to your hand any weapon during game-play, you can easily design the menu as well as unlocking items during the game.

The wrist slot inventory system allows you to carry around any object by storing it in a wrist slot, the objects can then be retrieved at any time while playing the game.

The BW inventory menu allow you to holster any weapon using two different views. You can simply holster weapons on your body or press a button to present the menu right in front of you.

The force grab system allows you to point at objects that are too far to be grabbed and force pull. The objects and the force grab behaviour are fully customizable. Each object allows you to specify custom hand poses for when the object is grabbed.

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VR Expansion Plugin Windows

Quest 1 and 2



  • BW Inventory
  • HLA Inventory
  • Wrist Inventory
  • Force Grab system
  • Fully customize each system behaviour
  • Unlock inventory items
  • Full examples for each functionality

Number of Blueprints: 17

Number of C++ classes: 24

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, Oculus Rift S, WMR

Supported Target Build Platform: Android

Documentation: Website DocsDiscord

Example Project: Example Project, VR Expansion Plugin Example Project

NOTE: The VR Inventory Plugin is now compatible with the VR Expansion Plugin, the only feature that is not compatible with the VRE plugin is the force pull.