USSR Military Truck

Melmankevich - 3月 5, 2021

Analogue the famous all-wheel drive military truck, worked out by the USSR

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    4.22 - 4.26
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To avoid copyright problems: model is not an exact copy, with intentional changes

Realistic physics of the car, close to the real prototype

The cab and body sway in motion regardless of the frame

Realistic behavior of mud flaps and other body parts

Demo Video


Unreal Engine 4 Vehicle template driving functions (Throttle, Turn, Brake, Rear Gear, ETC.)

Automatic gearbox redesigned and works more correctly

Toggle lights (low / high)

Change camera (inside – outside)

Camera zoom and orbit (outside)

Automatic camera return when idle (outside)

Interactive car dashboard (RMP / speed / turn signal / parking brake /


Illumination car dashboard

Suspension animation (springs / cardan / camshaft)

Wheel animation

Spawn decals under the wheels (Tire tracks / traces inhibition)

Reflection in the rearview mirrors


  1. Car horn sound
  2. Parking brake sound
  3. Button / Toggle Sound
  4. Gear shift sound
  5. Audible response to engine speed
  6. Audible response to braking - squeak of brake drums
  7. Sound response to spring compression
  8. Ground Impact Sound Response
  9. Sound reaction of breaking through the suspension with a strong impact

Particle system:

  1. Realistic exhaust behavior
  2. Realistic dust from under the wheels, changes with the speed of the car. Dirt, gravel, dust spiral when skidding.

Vertices: 75809

LODs: No

Windows: Yes

Mac: No (not tested)

Has no classic UV

For each body element - separate material (37 materials)

Some materials use textures from “StarterContent” pack