Ultimate Worlds Spawn System

ProMaxx Studio - 蓝图 - 2023/11/03

Ultimate Worlds Spawn System. Fill your world. AI with optimization. Network Replicated.

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Use the Ultimate Worlds Spawn System to quickly build and populate your world.

The Asses presents a full-fledged AI Spawn System with optimization.

The main types of spawn is a spline, and you can also choose a spawn zone in the form of a box (with the possibility of rotation) or a sphere.

You will immediately see the result, as asset adapted to work in a Construction Script.

Preview Video // Tutorial playlist // Documentation

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The preview of the video contains a third-party asset "Stylized Forest" as an example. It is NOT included in the asset.



  • 3 types of spawn: using a spline, sphere or box.
  • Full-fledged AI Spawn system.
  • Available for spawn: Actors, HISM, Sprites, Pawns, Particles, Niagara Systems. 
  • Respawn with the ability to set a limit: Actors, HISM, Sprites, Pawns.
  • 2 spawn modes: on the land or in the air.
  • Compatible with World Partition and World Composition. 
  • Network Replicated.
  • Spawn occurs in layers, and you can choose the sequence of filling the level.
  • The ability to use any number of Spawners on the level. It is also possible to globally change the sequence of execution of Spawners (Spawners Controller).
  • Individual optimization for pawns and actors. (Optional)
  • You can add a Behavior Tree for Pawn type or not.
  • Multilevel spawn (spawn on top of already spawned objects) You can make a tower or a wall of actors :)
  • Custom Spawn Mode: in box or sphere zones, as well as in Spawn zones, but only inside the spline.
  • The ability to choose a place to spawn or spawn on any surface.
  • Spawn exclusion zones: spline zone, sphere or box. With the possibility of exclusion for selected Spawners.
  • The ability to choose actors to exclude spawn.
  • The ability to use curves to size objects and adjust the size of the path construction.

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Number of Blueprints: 9

Network Replicated: Yes