TrackMen VP cam

TrackMen - 2021/07/01

TrackMen VP cam is an open source camera tracking data plug-in free of charge. Use it to connect any TrackMen camera tracking system to Unreal for any kind of Virtual Production.

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The TrackMen VP cam is an open source plug-in, to connect all our mechanical and optical camera tracking systems to the Unreal Engine. TrackMen VP cam provides the Unreal Engine with all camera parameters for a photorealistic virtual production. In addition to the position and orientation of your camera, the parameters of the lens, such as the field of view, distortion parameters or the focal distance and the timecode are provided as well. This enables you to produce any kind of Virtual Production, Augmented Reality, Virtual Studio or XR stage.

This tool is free of charge to control a CineCameraActor via Live Link Data.



  • Receive and process data from any TrackMen mechanical or optical camera tracking system in Unreal Engine.
  • receive live tracking data and synchronize it with the rendered output and video
  • produce any kind of real time Virtual Productions within UE4
  • Includes lens model (Blueprint Material) with lens distortion, center shift and depth of field.
  • processes Timecode data from video source for a perfect synchronization of video and tracking data
  • Compatible with Composure.
  • Debug-Display tracking data in camera view.
  • includes simple example project for easy integration
  • Open code to support community contributions, no third-party libraries.

Code Modules:

  •  Runtime: Core modules for receiving and processing tracking data.
  •  Editor: Supplementary code for Unreal Editor integration.

Number of Blueprints: 1

Number of C++ Classes: ~20

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: all

Supported Target Build Platforms: all


Example Project: