TopDown Toolkit

Indygoof - 11月 25, 2014
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Toolkit for creating TopDown games including a camera, enemy behavior tree and basic skills

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The TopDown Toolkit contains the following functionality:

- Configurable TopDownCamera

- Playercontroller with basic skills

- Player navigation through click-to-move

- Skill activation through left or right mouse click

- Configurable enemies (melee/ranged/patrolling/etc)

- Behavior Tree for enemy behavior

- OnMouseOver highlighting of enemies

- Sample AnimationBlueprint(s)

- Melee, Firebolt and Icebolt (can freeze player) sample skills

- Waypoint system for patrolling enemies

- Enemy can be configured to use PawnSensingComponent, which enables

sight cone and hearing the player

- sample stealth mode (through crouching) to not be heard by enemies

- Sample level which demonstrates all features

For support, please send a mail to


Designed for all platforms

Camera is done through PlayerCameraManager with the following features:
- Zooming in and out
- smooth zooming yes/no
- smooth zoom factor
- rotation through i.e. middle mouse button in all directions
- clamping of rotation to min and max values (pitch and yaw)
- snapback of camera rotation to. original settings yes/no
- snapback smoothing factor
- possibility to set a different target to view than the current
player from outside (i.e. playercontroller, level blueprint, etc)
- configurable camera lag

Sample PlayerController containing the following features:
- click to move
- highlighting of enemies on mouseover (through rendercustomdepth)
- highlighting of player if behind a wall or anything that blocks sight
- target click coordinate detection based on a virtual plane on
height of the player (instead of tracing the first hit, so a click into
"nothing" is also supported)

Basic EnemyController utilizing a behaviourtree with the following settings:
- aggroRange
- isMelee
- meleeRange
- isRanged
- rangedRange
- rangedSkill
- shouldChasePlayer
- shouldPatrol
- waypointgroup
- waittimebetweenwaypoints

Waypoints are basically implemented, AI that has a group of waypoints
assigned will go to one after another utilizing the navmesh inbetween
(useful for patrolling).