Tidy Starter Template

TinyTidyAssets - 蓝图 - 2023/09/27

Jumpstart your project quickly. Quick setup of a First-and-Third Person Character, Interaction system, Enhanced Inputs, Materials, UI, Landscapes, Enemies, Inventory, and more. Great for Game Jams!

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TidyAssets Wiki - Video Gifs and Documentation

What is it?

A tidy, non-complicated base project template with unreal's most important features:

  • Create your own simple levels, with platforms, traps, switches, enemies, treasure, and more ready to go.
  • Simple 3D character input, swap between ThirdPerson and FirstPerson, but can be adapted to fit any project type.
  • Interaction System: open chests & doors
  • Easy Inventory: collect gold, keys, and other items
  • New Enhanced Input Mappings
  • Enemy: w/simple chase behavior. Check out the slo-mo death ragdoll effect.
  • PhysicsHandle: grab PhysicsObjects to pick up and play with.
  • Widget-UI ready, simple buttons. Pop in your own functionality.
  • All Unreal Modes ready/connected, blank but ready for use: GameInstance, GameMode, GameState, PlayerState, PlayerController, PlayerCharacter (pawn). Perfect for jumpstarting a project fast, or for understanding unreal's underlying framework.
  • Landscape setup in default scene, easily add new terrain textures to landscape material. Simple foliage (easy to replace with your own)
  • Icons for prototyping faster (by game-icons.net)
  • Challenge levels give examples on where to lead your project. Fuctional puzzle with "lock & key" game design, traps, switches, monsters, and more. But easily adapt to any project type.

Who May Need It?

Anyone who is trying jumpstart their project quickly. A tidy selection of pre-setup basic + advanced features in UE5. Don't muck around trying to figure out engine-specific things Unreal should provide examples by default (but doesn't!). This template lays it out for you, and can expand from there.

Originally created for myself and my own use because there were no offerings of a quick project with the most common features ready. I come from a background of 7-years of Unreal Experience, working on projects with Sony/Spider-man/Bandai Namco and others. There are many common pitfalls and time-wasters that can be skipped with a good starter project.

Let me know if you would like to see any features in the future, and feel free to ask any questions!


Patch NotesU5.4 Update:
  • Added teleporters, walk through to jump to any level. Added text+particle+image.
  • Added simple mesh for all panels and SpringJump
  • Made some materials more reflective
  • Can set PanelTrap to an invisible killbox to set on outer bounds of levels
  • Other small tweaks/fixes


  • Fixed weird Ragdoll-sliding, now has a much more satisfying Plop (unreal's mannequinn PA spine3 collision disabled)
  • Made panel SetActive to work consistenly

  • Fixed bug where panel movement debug lines didn't appear correctly.


Number of Blueprints: 20

Input: Keyboard/Mouse

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: PC

Windows: Yes

Mac: No

Prototyping Icons (by game-icons.net (CC 3.0))

Documentation: TidyAssets Wiki