Third Person Platformer Template

StudioFG934 - 3月 4, 2021

Template for a Third Person Platformer, complete with many objects to interact, collect and use to complete different gameplay tasks.

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    4.25 - 4.26
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The Template comes with a simple gameplay objective, enemies, character mechanics and multiple objects that make creating new mechanics easier.

Overview -

Gameplay -


-Player Character with basic movement, HP and a Slide and Jump system to damage opponents on contact.

-Collectables of many kinds, Coins to collect, Life Drops to get, Diamond Shards as objective collectables, and a Power Up system with 3 basic samples to use.

-Interactable Objects to use in levels, like Platforms, Gates, Launch Pads, Treasure Chests, Prop Boxes and many Functionality Objects.

-Basic Enemies with basic AI ready to use, with a simple Drop system that creates a collectable item on death.

-Spawner Objects who spawns Collectables or Enemies as you wish, with many ways to customize behaviour.

-A Basic Ingame HUD with basic information about the Player Character and Collectables for visual feedback to the player.

-A Game Mode with some functions to create basic gameplay loops, with 3 Example maps for you to play and test the Template.

-All Objects are made with Blueprints only, and they all follow a simple and clear comment and tooltip pattern so you never get lost while reading the code.

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: (Yes)

Mac: (No)