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The Otherworld Bundle

Sounds of Ronin - 音效 - 2023/05/12

Hello everyone, this is Ronin. Here is a bundle of everything i made about creatures so far. Hope you like it!

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Full SFX Title List

Attention! This is a bundle. You may have purchased one of these packs before:

This bundle consists of 3 previous packs I made: "Unearthly Creatures", "Zombie Apocalypse" and "Extraterrestrial Creatures"

If you haven't, you are lucky, lots of great sounds in here!

  1. Unearthly Creatures, 190 Sounds
  2. Zombie Apocalypse, 222 Sounds
  3. Extraterrestrial Creatures. 239 Sounds

Total of 651 creature sounds with wide range of variety.


Number of Audio Waves: 651

Number of Audio Cues: 651

Sample rate / bit rate: 48.000/ 32 bit

Do Sound FX loop: No

Minutes of audio provided: 52 Minutes 13 Seconds approximately.

Supported Development Platforms: All platforms that support .wav files.

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes