Super Spline Mesh - Realtime Procedural Spline Mesh

Generate fast, realtime procedural meshes for splines!

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SuperSplineMesh - Realtime Procedural Spline Meshes

As seen in Park Studio by Creye Games!

Are you developing a game that requires meshes to be placed along a spline? Maybe you're developing a city builder, a roller coaster simulator, or are even just trying to create a really cool visual effect that requires realtime deformations. SuperSplineMesh is great for this particular application.

The key here is performance. While other procedural spline mesh libraries on the market are designed to be used for level generation and as artistry tools, this plugin is different in that it cranks the performance up to 11 and is designed for manipulating high polycount models at runtime. This is done with a specialized Procedural Spline Mesh Component that only updates the segments of the spline that have been changed. (This is then linked to a Spline Component and a Procedural Mesh Component.)

The plugin is multithreaded to make maximum use of your CPU, and future versions will be SSE/AVX optimized to get even further performance gains.

How fast is it?

Normally, this billion-vertex spline mesh takes ~700ms (1-2fps) to render when any spline mesh vertex is modified, using other procedural mesh generation plugins:

Using this plugin, you can achieve realtime performance, of 15-20ms (a nearly 35x improvement):

What else does this plugin offer?

In addition to being fast, you can also customize the scale and rotation of the spline points along the spline and it will be reflected in the spline mesh itself. In particular, the Unreal Engine doesn't handle the Roll value of this at all in the current Spline Mesh component, as of 5.3. Additionally, you can customize the distance between each sub-mesh on a spline point basis, and customize the material of each mesh section:



  • Just attach and configure your component! It's that simple!
  • Highly optimized; multithreaded.
  • Customize materials for each spline point! (Supports dynamic material instances)
  • Customize meshes for each spline point!
  • Supports scale and rotation of mesh along spline point! (Not even Unreal's own Spline Mesh Component does this properly!)
  • Automatically adjusts mesh based on changed spline points for maximum performance.
  • Supports collision and navigation. (Dynamic navigation type required)
  • Clear and concise documentation
  • Runtime and editor

Code Modules:

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