Cartoon Stylized ground explosion vol 1

Visual Effect Factory - 特效 - 2024/06/19

Cartoon stylized ground explosion vol 1

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Cartoon  stylized toon Ground Explosions 20 texture (total 40 )

20 perspective render , 20 isometric render. 20 ground burnt texture (flipbooks)

-perspective and isometric explosions are same simulation but rendered diferrent camera angle.

-Isometric render is flat bottom line

There are 2 different material

You can change life, size. Therefore you can add variation. But this asset's main purpose is explosion flipbooks (sprite sheets) 8X8.

Also you can merge different flipbooks you can make your explosion.

Video :


Number of Unique Effects: 120

Number of Materials: 4

Number of Textures:120

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: (Yes)

Mac: (Yes)