Stereo Panoramic Player

UNAmedia - 2019/05/07

Complete solution to quickly integrate an interactive, customizable player for 360° panoramic images and videos, supporting both mono and stereo media sources.

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    4.21 - 4.27
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360 Stereo Panoramic Player is a runtime plugin to show and interact with 360° panoramic images and videos, supporting both mono and stereo sources. It offers an high-level actor (Panoramic Director), to quickly assemble an interactive panoramic 360 Virtual Tour, and a low-level actor (Panoramic Sphere) to allow a programmatic customization of the user experience. It’s compatible with all the major platforms and it’s actively tested on PC, VR (Steam, Oculus, Quest, Cardboard, etc.), iOS and Android.

Tutorial/Demonstration video


Support thread


With the Panoramic Director you can define, directly in-editor, a complete panoramic virtual tour: import the panoramic images and videos, define your custom hotspots, and it will take care of everything at run-time, detecting when the user is interacting with an hotspot and managing the transition between the panoramic media.

The Panoramic Sphere actor gives you complete control of the panoramic experience: you can programmatically control it to display panoramic media and detect interactions with the panoramic sources. It can show images and videos, in both mono and stereo formats.


Google Cardboard - If developing on mobile, you could be interested also in our plugin Cardboard VR to add support for Google Cardboard viewers.


  • display of 360° panoramic images (mono and stereo);
  • playback of 360° panoramic videos (mono and stereo);
  • support for Equirectangular projection;
  • support for Over-Under stereoscopic layout;
  • overlayed UMG widgets for user interaction;
  • interactive areas through color-coded masks;
  • graphics effects for transitions and blending with the 3D environment;
  • rendering of 3D objects inside the panoramic sphere;
  • high-level actor (class APanoramicDirector) to quickly assemble a panoramic virtual tour directly in the editor;
  • low-level actor (class APanoramicSphere) for programmatic and complete access to all the supported features;
  • all the features available from both Blueprints and C++.

Code Modules: StereoPanoramicPlayer - Runtime

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows (32/64-bits), Mac, iOS, Android, VR (SteamVR/Vive, Oculus, Quest, etc.).

Documentation: LINK

Example Project: