Spline Measurement Tools - Simply Measure (with) any Spline

IZUware - 蓝图 - 2023/09/20

Measuring Tool: Seamlessly measure splines, display point distances from the start, and obtain total spline length. Easily switch units or apply custom conversions

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Spline Measurement Tool is your solution for precise measurement and analysis. This versatile tool empowers you to effortlessly measure any spline in your project. And the best: It works with every Actor with one or more Spline Components!

Key Features:

Spline Measurements

- Measure distances on any splines.

- Precise measurements on curved or straight splines.

- Control the maximum spline length according to your needs.

Flexible Measurement Options

- Calculate total lengths or distances between spline points.

- Divide the length to visualize precise intervals.

Versatile Visualization Options

- Display circles and squares for area and room sizes.

- Easy operation and high precision.

Customizable Units of Measurement

- Adjust measurement units individually and flexibly.

- Results are automatically converted accurately.

Customization Features

- Change text color and size of measurement results according to your preferences.

- Seamless integration of results into your scene.

Efficient Workflow in Unreal Engine

- Perfect your project with accurate measurements.

- Enhance your efficiency and productivity during the development phase.

Videos from this tool:

Measure ANY Spline

Circle Measurement

Spline Measurement

Rectangle Measurement



  • User friendly Measurement Tool
  • Helps you to build your world and to check sizes