Spell Cast System

Feral Computing - 2015/01/19
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a Framework for spells/abilities, can be used to create spells and abilities, create spell/ability books for your characters, handle ability cooldowns, and each ability can have its own logic and behaviour.

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Video: Link (Tutorial for older version)

A stand alone system that can be added to any character, allows creation of basic spells/abilities,

adding these spells/abilities to the character's spell book, allowing them to select active spell/ability and to conjure/activate it. each character spawns its own instance of the system so that

each can have its own "spellbook". Spells/Abilities are divided into a blueprint and

data component where the blueprint component represents the look and the logical behaviour and the data component holds the name, description, cast time,

power, type, school etc. there is a datatable that holds the data of all spells/abilities.

Spells/Abilities are added from the database to the pawns spellbook using a simple function.

A target actor can be speficied when casting, if target isn't

specified the spell/ability travels from the Caster actor (or how ever programmed), The system has been tested with the Top Down, FIrst and Third Person templates.

Because each spell/ability is a separate blueprint, you could program its logic to do anything you may need

The asset packs comes with 2 sample spells/ability (fireball),(HealingBall) you need to provide your own particle systems/meshes/animations/sounds for your spells.

There is an optional UI that can be disabled.

This UI contains: currently selected spells/abilities, action bar that can be key-bound with a single function, spell cast progress bar. and a spellbook.

Any questions, problems, or bug reports, contact me on:

Skype: Sarr_50

or email: adam-wolf@hotmail.co.uk


-Simple component to be added to any pawn

-2 Macro functions to help you get started within minutes

-Create your own spells/abilities.

-Select and cast abilities/spells.

-Spell book for each pawn.

-Cooldown system.

-Effects system (spells/abilities can apply "effects" such as damage over time in form of a burn, or a heal over time etc.)

-Specify your own animations per spell and which mesh to animate.

-Basic Targeting (target actor can be specified).

-Each spell/ability can have its own unique logic/behavior.

-HUD showing Current Spell, action bar with 10 slots, cast progress bar as well as a spellbook showing spell information and letting you drag spells onto the action bar.

-System is multiplayer ready out of box, core functions are forced to execute on server and replicate results to the client.

-Comes with a demo

Intended Platform:

Tested on Windows platform, but it should work on other platforms too.