Leeyo Atelier - 5月 12, 2021

17 Skies (8k). Photorealistic good Quality and Simplicity with good performance.

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17 Sky Textures (8k) 360 degrees rectangular panoramas (equirectangular) with 3D Mesh spheres.

All components have been created so as to achieve the best visual quality while maintaining simplicity for optimal performance when they are used in modern computers games, mobile devices games, virtual reality and other projects.

Video - Demo scene (included)

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1) Skies

Unique Skies (Materials with Textures): 17

Unique Textures - Skies: 17 (resolution: 8192x4096 pixels)

Base Materials - Skies: 2 (1 standard and 1 very simple)

Material Instances - Skies: 17

Unique 3D Meshes - Skies: 5

- 1 sphere mid-poly

- 1 sphere low-poly

- 1 hemisphere mid-poly

- 1 hemisphere low-pol

- 1 flat circle as a simple terrain

2) Additional

Demo Scenes: 1

Unique Textures - Additional: 2

Base Materials - Additional: 1

3) Overall

Collision: No

LODs: No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

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