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Simple Light Painter V2.0

Divivor - 蓝图 - 2021/02/18

The Material based Fake Lighting Solution for UE4.

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  • 支持的引擎版本
    4.23 - 4.27, 5.0 - 5.2
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Legacy Documentation PDF: ( Use password: legacydocs)


The Simple Light Painter (in short: SLP) is a material based Lighting System for your realtime Unreal Engine Projects and Games. It can light up the backside of your objects for indirect lighting and also offers simple localized Global Illumination with Emissive Material Support.

Try out the Demo Builds with runtime Examples and Performance Tests! (VR Pawn is not included with this Asset Pack)

INFORMATION: This Lighting System is supposed to be used in addition to traditional Lighting Methods and is not a replacement. The Lights can not cast Shadows.

Available Versions:

4.27+ -> SLP v2.0

4.23 - 4.25 -> SLP v1.1


General Features
  • Supports (PC) VR, Forward Shading & Deferred Renderer (More details on Limitations and Problems in the Documentation)
  • Demo Maps with examples and performance tests
  • Editor Utility Widget for easy Level editing and debugging (The Plugin "Editor Scripting Utilities" needs to be enabled in your Project.)
Light Features
  • Light Types: Point Light (Area), Cube Light (Area), Square Light (Directional), Spot Light (Directional)
  • Adjustable Normal Influence (Can light the Backside of your objects)
  • Blend Modes: Modulate, Additive, Additive with Scene Color (Only in Deferred Rendering)
  • Settings for Light Colors, Falloff and Center Size
  • Localized Global Illumination with runtime updates and Emissive Material Support
  • (EXPERIMENTAL) Volumetric Light Shafts with Texture Support (4.27+ only)
  • Flickering Lights (4.27+ only)
Performance Features
  • Draw Distance and Fade to deactivate Lights (Vertex Shader)
  • Supports Occlusion and Visibility Culling for Rendering and GI
  • Mesh and Material Swap System to allow Culling of Lights