Room Generator and Deployer

fluflu111 - 2018/08/03
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This asset provides a blueprint that allows you to create and arrange simple rooms. With this asset, you can easily create level prototypes.

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    4.16 - 4.27
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This asset consists mainly of two blueprints. The first one is "BP_Room_Generator".

This blueprint allows you to create a simple room. The room to be created can be customized by variables.

The second one is "BP_Room_Deployer". This blueprint will help you arrange the room you created above the level. These two blueprints make it easy to create level prototypes.



  •  In the room created by "BP_Room_Generator", the following options exist.

  1.Changing size

  2.Changing the material for each part making up the room

  3.Presence or absence of generation of each part making up a room

  4.Deleting a part of a wall

  •  Including one level as a document.

  •  Including two level as an example of level creation using this asset.

Number of Blueprints: 2 (Main)

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows


Including one level as a document of this asset. If you need more information about this asset please contact "". I will provide as much information as I can.