Ronin Tactical Shooter Framework

RoninTG - 代码插件 - 2024/06/20

Build the next great squad-based First-Person shooter with the Ronin Tactical Shooter Framework

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Current Version 1.04 | Download the free Demo | Intro Video

The Ronin Tactical Shooter framework is a Squad-Based First-Person Shooter Template for Unreal Engine 5.4, meticulously crafted in C++. This comprehensive template comes equipped with advanced squad AI teammates, a true-FPS perspective, and an expandable menu system. Whether your project has a realistic military or a vast sci-fi setting, the Ronin TSF contains the fundamentals to help reach that goal.

Reach me on Discord or email if you have any questions regarding the Plugin: ronin6 / [email protected]

Default Controls:

WASD - Movement

Right Mouse - Aim down sights

Q/E - Left/right lean

Shift - Sprint

Space: Order team to move to location

F: Toggle team between holding and following states

Left/Right Arrows - Switch to Previous/Next Character in formation and assume control as Squad Leader 



  • Squad AI Gameplay: Spawn AI-controlled squad members that can move to locations and follow the player in a tight file formation. Each AI instance has its own behavior tree and a complex animation graph utilizing multiple layers.
  • Dynamic Character switching: Switch control of characters in real-time, the AI will always fall in behind the currently possessed character and the animation system will respond accordingly. 
  • Optimized Performance: Developed in C++ for optimal performance and seamless integration within Unreal Engine 5.4. The only logic that is done in Blueprints is for the Animation graphs. A solid understanding of C++ is recommended to fully leverage the framework and tailor it your uses
  • User Interface: A full menu system and in-game HUD overlay has begun to be integrated into the plugin.
  • Full template: The plugin comes ready with all the necessary blueprints and assets to get started building your tactical game.

Code Modules:

  •  RoninTacticalFPSFramework - Runtime

Number of Blueprints: 28

Number of C++ Classes: 87

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: 5.4

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows64

Documentation: A readme file is included in the 'Documents' folder of the plugin. A comprehensive online documents source will be introduced in the next update.

Example Project: Coming soon