Real Villa Mega Pack - Modular Hedge bushes, Gardens, Statues, & Buildings

Tav - 环境 - 2023/10/03

Large Scale HD Digital Twin of "The Most Beautiful Villa in Tuscany" with over 300 meshes, 371 Textures, 144 materials, and 86 Blueprints. The pack includes modular hedge bushes, maze, gardens, spline mesh bushes, statues, trees, butterflies, and more...

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    4.26, 5.2 - 5.4
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First things first! - [ See it in action in this video ] * (More videos of exactly what you're getting at the bottom)

** I'm proud to announce that has featured The Villa as a Metasite on their front page. Play it now right in your browser!

* I'm also excited to announce that I used this Villa marketplace pack to create an entire Fortnite arena. You can

Play the entire level in Fortnite [ Playable 64-player Team-Deathmatch game using this Villa environment] Island codes: 2850-5124-9286 and 1032-6526-3910

The high-res bushes included in the pack were optimized to run on handheld devices.

Fortnite Villa Gameplay Video [ YouTube Video Here ]

Introducing the breathtaking digital environment of Villa Cetinale, 'The Most Beautiful Villa in Tuscany,' also known as, 'The Crown Jewel of Tuscany,' or 'The Place They Filmed that super-popular, successful TV series,' now available on the Unreal Engine marketplace.

Prepare to Immerse yourself in a 3.5-acre, playable, world of awe-inspiring realism as you explore every nook and cranny on the grounds of this magnificent Tuscan villa. With over 370 high-resolution 4K textures, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of the villa's every detail, you'll be transported to a realm where the line between digital and reality blurs.

Featuring over 300 unique static meshes, each handcrafted with utmost precision, this digital environment offers an unprecedented level of authenticity. Step into a world where every element, from the intricate classical statues and busts to the meticulously sculpted, modular, topiary garden mazes, has been faithfully recreated.

With 144 PBR materials expertly crafted in Substance Painter & the Unreal material editor, you'll be mesmerized by the lifelike textures that adorn every surface. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin as you wander through the peaceful cypress tree-lined grass avenue, or bask in the serenity of the pool with its underwater post-process volume, utilizing Unreal Engine's cutting-edge wave and water technology.

Experience the Villa Cetinale digital environment like never before with the inclusion of modular spline mesh hedge bushes, an extensive modular collection of bush meshes (includes alpha-numeric symbols for customization,) detailed main villa, modular ivy meshes, vista buildings, Niagara particle butterflies, and enchanting particle dust swirls. Watch as the atmosphere comes alive with the gentle fluttering of translucent butterfly wings dancing in the sunlight.

This product is not just limited to one type of game creation. Unlock endless possibilities as you unleash your creativity. Transform this masterpiece into a vibrant Fortnite multiplayer map, create a tranquil walking simulator where serenity reigns supreme, or use it as a captivating digital background in your next short film or commercial. The choice is yours. This pack is great for game designers who want to skip the many months of work creating a full AAA-quality game level.

Compatible with Unreal Engine 5.3, 5.2, and version 4.26, this digital environment opens the door to a world of creative exploration. With over 85 useful blueprints at your disposal, you'll have the tools to bring your vision to life, whether you're designing a first-person adventure or a third-person escapade.

Don't miss your chance to own a unique piece of digital artistry. Elevate your creations to new heights with the Villa Cetinale digital environment, where the beauty of Tuscany unfolds before your very eyes. Step into a realm of breathtaking splendor, where the boundaries of reality are redefined.

You can find more videos recorded directly from the Marketplace product below:

Video Environment Walk Through - YouTube

Video Showcase assets Flythrough - YouTube

Important/Additional Notes:

*Please note this pack does not contain any people or vehicles. Versions 5.0 - 5.2 use Nanite. Version 4.26 uses LODs. The environment & assets may differ slightly from the video & screenshots as a result of the settings of your machine. All scenes in the video were captured in-engine with Lumen on. Please watch all the walkthrough & flythrough videos to see exactly what's in the pack. The environment in this pack is intended for mid to high-end GPUs. The hedge bushes in this pack are highly detailed (every leaf is a card) and utilize nanite for 5.0 and above while 4.26 uses LODs and low poly proxy meshes for performance. The building interiors are parallax mapped & can't be entered. This pack contains a small number of vista props, such as distant powerlines, houses, and billboard trees, that are meant to be viewed at a distance and not meant for the player's path. Enjoy! If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me. Happy Creating!

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  • Professional AAA Game Developer Quality Pack
  • Large scale - over 3.5 Acres of playable Villa grounds
  • Over 300 static meshes
  • Over 370 Substance-painter-generated textures
  • Over 140 customizable PBR materials
  • Over 90 modular hedge bush meshes (can be used on splines)
  • Over 80 Blueprints including dynamic cable attaching system, Spline mesh BP's & more...
  • Includes Niagara Particle systems for dust particles and butterflies.
  • Includes Mesh Decals and Decals for wear and tear, footprints, tire tracks, and more.
  • Customizable Pool water/ waves/ underwater post-process volume
  • Numerous tree types with scanned trunks and WPO for wind
  • Post-process adjustable camera shader with fisheye lens & low-light camera noise
  • Real-world lighting values
  • Comes with Villa Demo environment
  • Packed [MRAO] Texture channels : Red = metallic, Green = roughness, Blue = Ambient Occlusion
  • Fluffy customizable volumetric clouds
  • Paintable foliage actors
  • Includes many villa props: Planters, bushes, buildings, cameras, trees, & more...
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Can be modified to be a Fortnite arena

# of Unique Meshes: 305

Collision: (Yes - custom, auto-generated, and per-poly. No collision on grass, decals, and small foliage)

Vertex Count: [From 2 Tris - 655,756 tris]

LODs: (Yes plus Nanite)

Materials and Instances: 22 Master materials, 122 instanced materials

Number of Textures: 371

Texture Res: (Ranges from 64x64 to 4096x4096)

Supported Development Platforms: - Windows: (Yes) Mac: (Yes)

Please use the support email for any questions, thank you!