Rave Spline and Mesh Builder

Impreszions Solutions - 2017/08/09
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Create static meshes using splines. Includes a specialized spline editor tool for easy creation of simple common shapes.

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    4.15 - 4.27
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Promotional Video: youtu.be/kbbMIHn3lp0

List of Features Video: youtu.be/mfEO-RVpwqM

Starting Out - Step by Step Guide Video: youtu.be/1fCdp8pSH10

Tutorials Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJ17Nb894OOvzylu6fkZo9riVsoLepf92

Rave Spline and Mesh Builder can be considered as 2 plugins in a single package!

- Spline creation and editing tools with templates

Easily create splines with rounded corners and other complex features. A set of template shapes such as rectangles, circles, n-sided polygons and stars are provided.

- Procedural mesh asset generation using splines

Using a combination of splines, create static mesh assets such as rails, stairs and furniture! Modify the shapes anytime within the editor. Finally, export your creations to a static mesh asset for future use!

Have you ever needed a simple table made but your art team is currently swamped with deadlines?

Or you just needed to create a simple filler object to make things fit better in your level?

Rave Spline and Mesh Builder allows you to do that and more!

Using a few simple splines, create static meshes to suit your needs all without even leaving the Unreal Engine editor!

Usable to build walls, rails, stairs or even complete furniture assets for architectural visualizations.

Supports the ability to export your creation to a static mesh asset to be reused anywhere else.


Full List of Features
- Updated Spline Component Visualizer with the following additional features:
- Displays spline point indices
- Create rounded corners on splines
- Create rounded segments on splines
- Straighten segments on a spline
- Create spline shapes from templates: N-Sided polygon, Star, Circle, Rectangle, Point List
- Load and save spline data to UAsset files
- Alternate rotation behavior while holding the Shift key: Rotates the segment instead of modifying tangents
- Align multiple selected spline points
- Move spline to start from origin
- Change the spline point order
- Spline Editor tab that perform the following features:
- Allow easier navigation between spline points
- Move spline points based on segment length
- Specify a segment rotation
- Delta transform spline points
- Creation of static meshes using splines. The features included are:
- Extrude a spline to mesh
- Extrude a spline following a spline path to create a mesh
- Repeat meshes to be export into a single mesh
- Bend meshes following a spline path
- Slice meshes following a spline path
- Importing multiple static mesh assets and exporting into a single mesh
- Export generated mesh into a Static Mesh UAsset file

Network Replicated: No
Intended Platforms: Win64, Android
Platforms Tested: Win64, Android
Documentation Included: Yes (In Example project and this wiki)
Example Project: impreszions.com/splinemeshbuilder/RaveSplineMeshBuilderExample.zip