Primitive Behaviors: Boids

Wilksoft Studios - 2021/07/20

BOID Behavior

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Simulates flocking and schooling behaviors where individual “BOIDS” has logic to determine what motivation they use. In contrast, to swarm intelligence, the BOID model is fashioned after the 3 primary principles at face value. This motivational force, while less complex than some other models, allows for individual decisions so that members of the group could “choose" to break off and form a new group based on other driving factors such as hunger. That same individual BOID can later "choose" to join any other compatible group.


Simulation of flocking and schooling behaviors using the BOID model developed by Craig Reynolds in 1986. Features include:

  •  Separation (Avoidance), Cohesion and Alignment ("Boids" Blueprint Library).
  •  Ability to identify local group members.
  •  Visualization (Red indicates "Fish" is schooling, Green indicates "Fish" is not schooling).
  • Includes basic movement in Example Blueprint.
  • Number of Blueprints: (2) Blueprint Libraries, (1) Example Blueprint.
  • Example Level included.

Documentation in blueprints.

Video Preview: