POLYGON - Tree World - x145 - LowPoly

Basto 'Bullfrog' W. - 4月 18, 2021

Bullfrog's Studio presents - A huge Polygon-Low Poly 2in1 asset pack of fantasy and IRL trees, as great addition for your upcoming or existing projects! Fits perfect for existing POLYGONAL & LOWPOLY Assetpacks.

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All polygon(al) - LowPoly lovers!

You get x145 (x2) unique polygonal/LowPoly trees what are most inspired by IRL and fantasy-trees. Gread for every RPG and/or fantasy game in general. You earn two variants. The assetpack fits perfect to famous and existing POLYGON/LOWPOLY assetpacks on the market and is a great addition to them.

Choose by yourself if you want full color controll! The 2in1-Idea: You can use the already premade (texture) meshes, or (untypicly) start with the material-variant for great controll of the colors caused by our effort for you all! Tweak the materials like every you want.

  • 145 (x2) unuique Trees

(Deadtrees, leaf-trees, needle-trees, snowed, saplings, season-variants, broken-trees,..)

  • Best-as-i-can-support (Support on many ways) and further (Keyword: How-to!)


  • Grid-Floor-Material



  •  Unique low poly (polygon[al] (fantasy) trees x145
  • 2in1: You get full-controll for your colors via materials or use the simplified "all-in-one"-texture
  • Customizeable Materials (for Color at weapon parts)
  • Well structured & name convention with sense

Number of Unique Meshes:



Yes - automatically generated (Complex as simple)

Vertex Count:

All x145 = 23.000 (per Mesh: between ~50-450)


Yes - Auto (LOD0)

Number of Materials and Material Instances:

265x Instances, 3x Master-Material

Number of Textures & Resolution:

In use 1 (additional 2): 1x 1024x1024, 1x 2048x2048 (Palet), Bonus: 8x 1024 (Grid)

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes


"Trailer & Support Video" with helping-stuff: Trailer (Inc)

Important/Additional Notes: