Planes in the Sky

lyoshko - 2021/03/14

Fill your sky with realistic planes flying above your map in 5 seconds! Customizable and highly optimized blueprint with contrails, sound and lights.

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    4.25 - 4.27
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✈️ Planes in the Sky Youtube planespotting video

✈️ Planes in the Sky Demo Game

Blueprint adds planes to your level. Planes will realistically fly in the sky.

Planes have contrails, sound, lights.

Two plane meshes (+ meshes with gear) with optimized lowpoly geometry included.

Planes in the Sky designed to have minimum impact on performance.



  • Highly customizable blueprint 
  • Select one or two plane meshes
  • Define plane livery or select random colors
  • Planes sound
  • Condensation Trails are less visible on lower altitudes
  • Lights on planes become bigger on higher altitudes, improving their visibility 
  • Optimized geometry
  • 1024 plane textures
  • Optimized LOD0 to LOD4
  • Lightmap UVs
  • Optimized collision
  • Three customizable livery colors
  • Tutorial included


No input or other changes needed. Simply put blueprint to your scene.

Update 03/2021: minor performance improvement

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