Nutt's Area Trigger v2.0

El Guapo - 2021/05/14

A all in one side sroll, top down, fixed, location displaying, immersion box trigger.

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Area Trigger v2.0

Compatible with UE4 v4.26

Documentation:  Google Drive, Youtube Demo

For support or if you have questions, email me at

The Area Trigger is a tool for adding immersion and gameplay options without modifying your current game or work. It does this by using interfaces to pull various reference and data from your already existing game with minimal configuration.

Area Trigger Primary Features

  • Works with Player Character BP Controls or Separate BP Player Controllers. Toggle this setting depending on your input scheme and point of inputs. 
  • OVER 160 PRESET Usage Types. Change a trigger’s behavior with a single click. Fully enumerated.
  • Area Trigger will sync the settings you chose and match up with all other area triggers present in the world which are named the same. 
  • Each Area Trigger Placed in the world and operated fully in sync with each other, or partially, or only in name and activation. 
  • Included Interface Events for activation and deactivation when overlap events are not prudent or practical. 
  • Area Trigger includes teleporting functionality which allows for custom destinations or choosing between the furthest/nearest matching Area Triggers.
  • Teleporter uses FX and SFX as well as uses UI widgets to display your destination on screen.
  • In Editor 3-d Transform Sizing
  • 10 built-in Interface Events.
  • Built-in a camera system that integrates with your existing camera rig and system.
  • SFX and BGM function to toggle on activation and deactivation.
  • Upon activation, Area Trigger will display waypoint user widgets on-screen which point to all area triggers in your game world that match in the name. 
  • Area Trigger can be used to generate spawn points to spawn other characters, objects, and blueprints by class. 
  • Area Tigger allows users to take advantage of simple level streaming. Level Streaming is Array-based to easily allow for loading of multiple streaming levels using one area trigger group. 
  • Area trigger automatically adjusts player input controls when necessary, when using the built-in camera system.
  • Area Trigger includes Directional Light controls to either match incoming level streams or simply adjust the lighting in the current world.
  • Waypoint Arrow colors are randomly generated but will match other matched name area triggers in your world.
  • Waypoint Arrows options include fade on the distance to area trigger. 
  • Area Trigger allows for simple lighting color and luminosity control when activated and deactivated. This can also be used to match loaded level streams to smoothly transition between primary persistent lighting and streaming lighting.
  • Area Trigger includes a Fixed 3rd Person Camera that can be placed anywhere in the world.
  • Area Trigger includes Side-Scrolling Camera Features that allow the transition from your default camera rig to a side scroll and input scheme. 
  • Area Trigger includes Top-Down Camera Features that allow transition from your default camera rig to a top-down angle and input scheme.
  • Area Trigger automatically finds other triggers! Just deploy into your world, add the area trigger player interface to your character, add the invert and top-down input toggle, and finally connect your players component references. THAT’S IT! Super Easy! The way it is supposed to be. 
  • Area Trigger includes a UI Widget to display the area trigger (area/location name) with fade in/out.

The blueprint creates a box trigger that can be named. Once set up, during gameplay, when the Area Trigger activates, it will display a UI Widget to the player which indicates whether the character is entering the area or leaving the area.

Included is a Blueprint Interface with 10 functions which can be called and reference back to whichever Area Trigger the developer is attempting to communicate with.

You may also use multiple Area Triggers which will automatically sync states (Triggered or Not Triggered) with all Area Triggers with matching names. This allows you to have multiple triggers with different events within the same world all with different names.

The Area Trigger also allows for Entrance and Exit SFX to be used which will play depending on if the character is entering or leaving the Area. 

The Area trigger also allows for a Looping Background Ambiance or Music SFX to allow for a further immersive environment. Such as birds chirping, or urban background noise. This CUE with fade in and fade out depending on the Area Trigger’s state.

The Area Trigger also allows for the creation of Spawn Points which are controlled by creating Array entries in the Transform variable. You are not restricted to spawn points as the BP will spawn any class the Area Trigger is set to. The current example includes spawn points which can be set to any BP to spawn at. These spawn points also snap to the terrain but also include an offset for fine-tuning its position.

The area trigger also allows for a fixed camera transition from the character active camera and position to the new target position. This can be set individually or trigger by trigger. 

The area trigger also allows for HUD indicators that point to the other matching triggers. Essentially marks the exit and entrances to an area. 

The Area Trigger Sizing is controlled via the transform widget but may also set its variable directly in the details tab.

  • Includes Base Blueprints and a Child Blueprint of both the Area Trigger and the Area Trigger Spawn Point.
  • Fully Commented.
  • Works with ANY level. Just import and place the Area Trigger in your game world, complete minimal setup. 
  • Works with any Player Controlled Pawn or player pawn controller. Just add the interface and connect the required pins and select which controller area trigger should use. 
  • Includes UI Widget BP with Fade Animations 
  • Optimized with Arrays. Perfect for big worlds, small worlds, interiors, where you need. 
  • Includes Basic Level Streaming and Direction Lighting control.


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  • Includes Base Blueprints and a Child Blueprint of both the Area Trigger and the Area Trigger Spawn Point.
  • Fully Commented.
  • Works with ANY level. Just import and place the Area Trigger in your game world.
  • Works with any Player Controlled Pawn. Just add the interface and connect the required pins.
  •  Includes UI Widget BP with Fade Animations
  • Optimized with Arrays. 
  • Can use a fixed camera transition on all matching area triggers or can be set trigger by trigger
  • Has on-screen indicator arrows which point to all matching and active triggers
  • Acts as an entrance and exit for game world areas.
  • Uses interface calls to set references.
  • 4 Camera Transition presets use Enum Selector to choose.
  • 20 Emissive Materials
  • Full Demo

Number of Blueprints: 4 BluePrints In total (Area Trigger, Trigger Camera, Trigger Camera Target, Trigger Spawn Point)

Input: n/a

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Y

Mac: Y

Documentation:  Google Drive, Youtube Demo

Important/Additional Notes:

This is the second release. Be sure to add the interface and set up your references in the function to pass data correctly from the character to the area trigger.