Multiplayer Chess System

wecomfrom - 蓝图 - 2024/06/19

Multiplayer Replicated Chess Systems. Build you own chess game. Build chess variations.

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Multiplayer Chess System (MCS)

Create your own chess game.

Create chess variations.

Multiplayer Chess System offers a ready-to-use system to very simply build your chess game.

Multiplayer Chess System offers you:

  • an interactive and customizable chessboard with squares that light up to show possible movements
  • the logic of movement of the pieces. These logics are programmed directly inside the chess pieces so that you can build new pieces yourself
  • multiplayer replication
  • a host/join interface
  • the possibility of using FEN codes to insert, for example, puzzles into your game
  • Chess 3D models included

You can personalize everything:

  • the appearance of the pieces
  • create original chessboards structures
  • create new gameplays
  • use animated chess pieces (not included but supported by MCS)


Discord server (english and french) :

MCS is very recent: don't hesitate to come talk to me on discord if you find any bugs or if you need new features


  • PGN not supported yet ; maybe in the future but I can't guarantee it
  • No single player with AI for now : I would like to provide this mode in the futur



  •  show possible moves even sophisticated
  • castling
  • "en passant"
  • Forbids moves that put my own king in check
  • pawn promotion with piece selection system
  • multiplayer replication
  • host / join interface
  • FEN codes : allow you to create custom departure combinations (puzzle, famous games...)

Chess 3D models included

Number of Blueprints: 20


  • select a chess piece: left click
  • move to square: left click
  • control camera : mouse wheel up / down

Network Replicated: yes 100% replicated

Supported Development Platforms: only windows has been tested

Windows: Yes


Important/Additional Notes:

  • FEN code supported : yes
  • PGN not supported
  • No single player mode with AI for now, I would like to provide it in the futur