Modular Battle Arena

Raven Loh - 9月 16, 2020

High quality modular battle arena assets for you to assemble your battle arena scene

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    4.18 - 4.25
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Cinematic and Level Preview

Timelapse of side scrolling fighting scene level design:

Presenting a high quality storytelling pack : Modular Battle Arena

This pack includes highly modular, high quality and high detail game ready assets for your project, which enable you to build endless possibility of a Battle Arena. This pack also includes 8 blueprints for you to speed up and design your level easily.

All the tessellation material [Stagefoor, block wall and etc] comes with vertex paint that allow you to paint dirt[R channel], moss [G channel] and water [B channel]

This pack comes with 3 pre-made level with pretty post processing : Big Arena, Small Arena, Side Scrolling Fighting and Overview Map.

Weapons having higher texture and triangle count compared to other assets if needed to be used as first person weapon-


  • 2 BP- Put all the weapons together in the weapon rack
  • 2 BP- Put torches model, light and particles together
  • 2 BP- Flag and flag holder that come together with 3 customization colors and customizable logo (8 pre-made logos]
  • 1 BP- Place random skeleton in the wall hole
  • 1 BP- Random rotation for the spike trap model



  • High quality storytelling assets
  • 3 samplelevels
  • Blueprint for randomize skull placement in the wall hole
  • Blueprint for easy color customization flag and customization alpha for flags (8 pre-made flag alphas]
  • Blueprint for randomize rotation and spike trap
  • Rig skeleton mesh to create skeleton static mesh as a decoration -Sample Video
  • Vertex Paint for tessellated mesh (R= Dirt, G= Moss, B = Water) - Sample Video
  • HSL color editing for most of the mat

Number of Unique Meshes: Static mesh= 109, Skeletal Mesh= 5

Number of Blueprint: 8

Number of Particles: 2

Number of Animation: 2

Number of Level: 4 [Big Arena, Small Arena, Side Scrolling Fighting Scene, Overview Map"

Collision: Yes

Triangle Count: 32 to 7756

LODs: 4 Lod for most assets, 100% to 50% to 25% to 12.5%

Number of Materials: 8 Master Mat, 41 Mat Instance, 3 Particle Mat, 1 Material Function

Number of Textures: 136

Texture Resolutions: 512 to 4096 (3 texture with 32 resolution for master mat]

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes

Important/Additional Notes:

  • TFE discord
  • Turning off the moveable light in the wall torch, tessellation and shadow for foliage will help to boots up performance in older pc
  • All the heightmap of the assets is store in alpha channel in RMA texture in case you want to use it.