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Raised By Monsters - 动画 - 2023/09/16

61 Wizard Academy Motion Capture Animations for Cinematics (Body + Fingers)

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A collection of 61 wizard academy motion capture animations (Body + Fingers) ready for Unreal Engine (UE5 Skeletons, Loops, RootMotion/InPlace). All animations have been recorded and polished for use in cinematics (NOT intended for state machines), although there are many with loop and rootmotion.


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A_WS_F_Stir Wizard stirs potion from a cauldron.

A_WS_F_Throw Wizard cooks a potion throwing ingredients into a cauldron.

A_WS_M_Attack_01 Wizard casts wand attack spell.

A_WS_M_Attack_02 Wizard casts wand attack spell.

A_WS_M_Attack_03 Wizard creates a fireball and throws it.

A_WS_M_Attack_04 Wizard conjures A spell and casts it.

A_WS_M_Attack_05 Wizard casts spell with his crosier.

A_WS_M_Attack_06 Wizard attacks with his crosier.

A_WS_M_Attack_07 Wizard attacks with hands spell.

A_WS_M_Bewitched Wizard is bewitched and thinks he is a chicken.

A_WS_M_Call Wizard calls his owl to perch on his forearm.

A_WS_M_Defense_01 Wizard moves quick his wand to deflect his opponent's attack.

A_WS_M_Defense_02 Wizard makes a shield spell with his hands.

A_WS_M_Defense_03 Wizard creates a shield with his crosier.

A_WS_M_Draw Wizard paints satanic symbol on the ground.

A_WS_M_Drink_01 Wizard drinks potion from a mini potion bottle.

A_WS_M_Drink_02 Dark wizard on his knees drinks blood from a bowl.

A_WS_M_Eat Dark wizard eats a heart.

A_WS_M_Fall Trol falls.

A_WS_M_Fly Wizard flies on a broom.

A_WS_M_GetOff Wizard gets off the broom.

A_WS_M_GetOn Wizard gets on the broom.

A_WS_M_Hit Troll hits hard with his hammer.

A_WS_M_IDLE_01 Wizard raises wand to cast a spell.

A_WS_M_IDLE_02 Wizard makes a shield spell with his hands.

A_WS_M_IDLE_03 Telekinetic wizard.

A_WS_M_IDLE_04 Wizard with wand.

A_WS_M_Injured_01 Wizard is disarmed of his wand.

A_WS_M_Injured_02 Wizard is hit by a spell.

A_WS_M_Invoke_01 Wizard invokes a magic portal.

A_WS_M_Invoke_02 Wizard invokes fireball with his hands and throws it.

A_WS_M_Kill Wizard on his knees sticks a knife into a person's chest as a sacrifice.

A_WS_M_Learn_01 Wizard learns spell reading a book.

A_WS_M_Learn_02 Wizard learns wand spell.

A_WS_M_Levitated_01 Wizard is levitated by another wizard's spell.

A_WS_M_Levitated_02 Levitated unconscious man.

A_WS_M_Levitated_03 Levitated unconscious man.

A_WS_M_OnKnees Kneeling wizard casts a satanic spell.

A_WS_M_Possessed Possessed person with spasms on the ground.

A_WS_M_Read_01 Wizard reads a book to cast a spell.

A_WS_M_Read_02 Wizard reads scroll.

A_WS_M_Ride Wizard flies on top of a dragon (or hippogriff).

A_WS_M_Run_01 Wizard runs because fairies attack him.

A_WS_M_Run_02 Wizard runs with books.

A_WS_M_Sacrifice Dark wizard slaughters a goat.

A_WS_M_Scare Wizard moves back when the contents of his cauldron explode.

A_WS_M_Scream Trol screams.

A_WS_M_Sit_01 Sitting wizard do magic with wand in class.

A_WS_M_Sit_02 Wizard predicts fortune in crystal ball.

A_WS_M_Sit_03 Wizard predicts fortune in cards.

A_WS_M_Sit_04 Sitting wizard raises his hand in class.

A_WS_M_Sit_05 Sitting wizard mixes ingredients from two test tubes.

A_WS_M_Sleep Wizard asleep in class.

A_WS_M_Spell Wizard casts spell on a cauldron.

A_WS_M_Threaten Wizard threatens with his wand.

A_WS_M_Walk_01 Wizard walks with wand.

A_WS_M_Walk_02 Wizard walks with a candlestick in his hand.

A_WS_M_Walk_03 Wizard walks reading a book.

A_WS_M_Walk_04 Wizard walks with torch in his hand.

A_WS_M_Walk_05 Troll walks with a heavy hammer in his hand.

A_WS_M_Write Wizard writes with a quill and dips quill into the inkwell.

We hope you enjoy the pack and if you have any question/queries please contact us :

Email : [email protected]


Features: 61 motion capture animations western themed. Include body and fingers animations.

Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes

If rigged to the Epic skeleton, IK bones are included: Yes

Number of Animations: 61

Animation types: Root Motion/In-place

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes