NT Entertainment - 8月 10, 2016
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Automatically create Instanced Materials for large numbers of textures, placing basecolor/normal/roughness/etc in the correct parameter slots regardless of the shape or complexity of your parent Material.

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    4.11 - 4.26
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MatBatchUEr examines the content browser directory (and subdirectories) of your choice for textures, testing to see if they match any of the patterns you've described and sorting them accordingly. Everything that doesn't match a known pattern gets treated as belonging to the default parameter you've selected. It will then use a base material of your choice as a pattern to create material instances for every 'group' it finds, where you want them, keeping directory trees intact.


Simple click and play plugin that doesn't use any outside libraries or 3rd party solutions.
Looks for texture parameters in the following chains:
- Base Color
- Normal
- Specular
- Metallic
- Roughness
- Emissive Color
- Subsurface Color
- Opacity
- Opacity Mask
- World Position Offset
- World Displacement
- Tessellation Multiplier
- Ambient Occlusion
- Refraction
- Pixel Depth Offset

Platforms Tested: Windows