Magic Sound FX Pack 2

David Dumais Audio - 2021/06/19

A massive pack of high-quality, professionally produced magic sounds for your game!

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The second volume in the series, Magic Sound FX Pack 2 contains fresh and original sound effects designed from 100% newly recorded materials. Create a dynamic sound experience for the listener by adding whooshes, casts, spells, or impact sounds to your game. Discover sounds perfect for various spells including water, ice, electricity, rocks, earth, air, and many more.

All sounds are game-ready for your project! Professionally designed, these sounds are a must-have for the serious sound designer and game developer!



-         1100+ sound effects that you can import directly into your project

-         Elemental sound effects including Air, Water, Earth, Electricity, and Ice

-         Spells, Whooshes, Casts, Impacts, and Soundscapes

-         Multiple variations of the same spells for added randomness and diversity in sound

-         Over 1.5GB of HQ audio content all recorded and designed at 96k 24bit

-         Easily and quickly find sounds with richly embedded metadata (Basehead)


Included in this pack:

Spells (497 files)

Water (147 files)

Air (116 files)

Ice (90 files)

Earth (111 files)

Electricity (66 files)

Bonus Content (104 files)

Find a complete breakdown of the assets list HERE


Total Audio Files: 1131

Total Cues: 1131

Total Wav: 1131

Total Minutes of Audio: 01 hours 47 minutes 55 seconds (107minutes)

Format: 44.1 kHz & 24 bit

Does the audio Loop? NO

Number of Sound FX: 1131

Target Platform: All

Documentation Included: Asset list only (see link above)

Important/Additional Notes: No

Additional: Stereo format