Ledii Actor Tools

This plugin provides useful tools to help enhance the workflow. Most notably, finding actors with references to a specific asset. Or selection of memorized groups of tagged actors.

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    5.3 - 5.4
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Have you ever been in that situtation when you need to make sure some assets are not referenced anywhere?

Only to find that it says that it has a reference to a level. And no clue where to start looking for it...

Well, that's exactly one of the problems this tool was created to solve!

This tool can attempt to look through all actors and their components, and scan all their available properties for Object References. This toolkit is simply missing in the arsenal out of the box, when attempting to fix up your content. And it has a bunch of other scenarios where it can be quite convenient for the workflow.

It also contains a tool to manage actors with tags. Each time you use a tag, it will be memorized and you can easily tag groups of objects to be utilized however you see fit for your project. This can be a set of actors which needs to appear in-game after a specific event. Or it can just hide some actors in the editor to make it less cluttered in the environment you are focusing on. How powerful the functionallity of this one is, will be up to you.



  • Editor Utility Widgets
  • Blueprint Exposed C++ Functions


  • Select actors.
  • Find actors with references to an Object on any actor or component property in a level.
  • Find actors based on name, level, visibility, hidden and collision states.
  • Management of actor tags.
  • Preview visibility or modify group of actors.


  • Intended as editor tool. But may partially work in PIE.

Code Modules:

  •  Editor

Number of Content Assets: 11

Number of Editor Windows: 2

Number of C++ Classes: 1

Serialized data: Yes

If you have any questions, please have a look at the Documentation first.