Led Effect Package

Nebula Heavy Industry - 特效 - 2024/04/19

This is a multifunctional LED resource pack consisting of 3 tools.

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With this resource pack, you can almost create the vast majority of LED effects, whether it's images or animations.

This LED resource pack consists of 3 parts:


  1) BP_LED_Master: Convert texts, meshes, or Niagara effects into LED effects through screen 

capture. Animation can be captured, but due to the need for a fast refresh rate, the system 

overhead is a little bit high. Reduce refresh rate to reduce overhead.


  2) FX_Ring: A type of LED strip effect, please use together with splines.

Using dynamic material instances can generate effects similar to light strips.


  3) M_LEDTexture: Processing images with LED effects can generate effects similar to signs 

or billboards. Users can also use their own images to enhance the effect.

The resource package contains detailed tutorials and cases for users to refer to.


Number of Blueprints: 3




Number of Niagara Effects: 23 

-Led (6),

-Ring (10)

-Display (7),

Number of Materials and Material Instances : 36

-M_LEDTexture (34)

-M_Emissive (1)

-M_Led_Circle (1),

Number of Textures : 34

Number of Meshes : 44