Kingdom of Light Premium Edition

Peter Gunder - 音乐 - 2017/10/30

Kingdom of Light - Premium Edition, an all-in-one audio solution for epic projects that demands professional cinematic music production for high-fantasy adventure music solution! Listen:

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Kingdom of Light - Premium Edition (Listen HERE!)  is an enormous all-in-one audio solution for film and games that demands professional music production. KoL - Premium Edition includes all 131 cues (plus a bonus cue, 'High Elves Theme' & 'Ogre Like Big Stick) from the KoL modules, Shadow Kingdom music library & Haunted Nature music library to delivery an enormous catalog of high-quality symphonic music ranging from Themes, Towns & Taverns, Combat, Dungeon & Caves, Mystical, land of giants and goblins to breathtaking Time of Day exploration music and Special cues to enhance special events in your high-fantasy adventure games and films. This massive bundle pack is suitable for land masses ranging from 15 to over 50 sq miles or to increase your current in-game music by over 3 hrs! Take your project to the next level with this beautifully crafted and comprehensive musical audio suite.


Number of Audio Wavs: 131 + 2 bonus cues

Number of Audio Cues: 131 + 2 bonus cues

Sample rate / bit rate: 44.1 kHz, 16bit Stereo WAVs

Does music loop: Mixed

Minutes of audio provided: 210

Supported Development Platforms: ALL

Supported Target Build Platforms: ALL

Documentation: (

Important/Additional Notes:

  • 'COMBAT' & 'HAUNTED NATURE' have loopable cues.
  • The remainder audio cues fade as one would expect in cinematic fashion.
  • 'DUNGEON & CAVES' includes a cue that combines all D&C cues for an extended 13 minute track.