Jacket 4 - All MH Bodies & UE5 Skeletons - Rigged

Nice Pictures - 道具 - 2024/06/20

Realistic 3D model of Jacket 4 - All MH Bodies & UE5 Skeletons - Rigged

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    5.3 - 5.4
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Realistic 3D model of Jacket 4 - All MH Bodies & UE5 Skeletons - Rigged

Since many customers do not need a complete outfit, 

we have decided to upload individual clothing assets in response to numerous requests, 

so that you can use them for your avatars.


- 100% compatible with ALL male and female Metahuman bodies (MH Skeleton)

- 100% compatible with UE5 Skeleton Manny and Quinn

These bodies are not MetaHuman bodies. They are our creations.

However they have exactly the same shape as the Metahuman's bodies.

So you can put this asset on your male or female Metahuman.

Supported Metahumans bodies:

Normal/Average - Underweight/Average - Overweight/Average

Normal/Tall  - Underweight/Tall  - Overweight/Tall

Normal/Short  - Underweight/Short  - Overweight/Short

Plugins used:



Male and Female bodies are included

This product supports Lumen for Unreal Engine 5.0+ 

The project has 4k textures, which can affect fps. 

PBR Materials

All objects, textures and materials have their own names

Model is built to real-world scale

Units used: cm

Doesn't have Default names 

Doesn't have NGons

Doesn't have Overlapping Vertices

Doesn't have Overlapping Faces

Doesn't have Overlapping UV Faces

Doesn't have Missing textures


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