Ground Attacks

juzefanderson - 1月 20, 2021
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High Quality Avatar Power

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    4.25 - 4.26
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Note: This An Update For Hammer Effect

This pack contains the abilities of a powerful avatar and includes four avatars lava, Earth, Light and Ice. It also includes 70 separate effects and 3 screen effects

Features :

Ice, Earth, Lava And light Ground attack Lava Shield , Ice Shield ,Fire Shield 3 Screen Effect

Earth Power:

Lava Power:

Ice Power:

Light Power:

Pack Includes: Hammer Effects


For tutorial And Help :



Type of Emitters: (CPU, GPU, etc)

Number of Unique Effects:70

Number of Materials:35

Number of Materials In:26

Number of Textures:37

Number of Blueprints: 7

Number of Unique Meshes:42

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: (Yes)

Mac: (Yes/No)Not Tested