Fire Element - Spell VFX Pack

ugurVFX - 特效 - 2024/04/18
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A new VFX will be created and updated every 5 ratings! 13 High Quality Niagara | Fire VFX

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There are 13 unique vfxes in the Fire VFX Package. It contains area skills, defense and attack skills with high visual quality. VFX decals take the shape of your map, creating a more realistic image. It was prepared with a beautiful material system. You can adjust Flame Nova as you wish via userparameter. If you wish, you can enter other vfx's and edit them easily.

If there is a problem, you can reach us via e-mail.

[email protected]



Video Trailer: Preview
Tutorial; Parameter Usage Video

Type of Emitters: CPU - GPU

Windows: Yes


Niagara Particle System

Easy Recoloring

Easy Editing

User parameter "for Flame Nova"

12 Unique Niagara VFX

1 Unique Cascade VFX "Trail"


1 Skeletal Mesh "Sword"

1 Animation "For Trail"

13 Static Meshes 

15 Main Material

57 Inst Material

26 Texture

Texture Size: 512x2024

1 VFX_Map