Field Collision Generator

Your level design with Field Collision Generator, effortlessly creating intricate, spline-based collisions to guide player movement and enhance gameplay.

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The Field Collision Generator is one of the useful features in Unreal Engine, allowing developers to easily create and set spline-based collisions within the level map. Using splines enables flexible creation of collisions that follow the contours of terrain or objects, thus allowing developers to control navigation and interactions within the level more realistically and specifically.

The key feature of this tool lies in the ability to place spline points and define the shape of the collision through them. Developers can create collisions of various shapes and sizes by adjusting the position, inclination, and curvature of these points. It's also possible to designate specific sections of the spline as either straight or curved.

Another important functionality of the Field Collision Generator is the option to "close" the generated collision. This means connecting the starting and ending points of the spline to form a loop, treating the inside as a closed collision area. This feature is particularly useful when creating circular race tracks or navigation areas within closed environments.

Using the Field Collision Generator significantly simplifies the level design process, allowing for more complex and detailed collision settings. This directly affects the physical interactions and player movements in the game, contributing to improved game quality and player experience.



  •  Spline-Based Design: Utilize splines to freely create collision shapes, adapting to any terrain or environment with precision.
  • Customizable Point Types: Choose between linear and curved spline point types to match the terrain, offering flexibility in design.
  • Collision Generation: Generate collision meshes that conform to the spline shape with a single click, streamlining the development process.
  • Mesh Customization: Change the visibility and appearance of collision meshes with custom materials, ensuring they fit the game's aesthetic.
  • Advanced Parameters: Control the density, height, and presence of walls, floors, and ceilings in your collision mesh for comprehensive environmental interaction.
  • Efficiency and Optimization: Designed for both simplicity and performance, enabling detailed collision creation without compromising game performance.

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  •  SplineCollisionMaker(RunTime)

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