Leeyo Atelier - 2021/07/26

Modular, realistic, optimised, universal Fences. Prepared for games, architectural visualisations and other projects.

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All components have been created in order to get the best effect for modern computer games. Materials use PBR (Physically Based Rendering) and contain Textures with information types such as Base Color, Roughness, Metallic, Ambient Occlusion and Normal Map. Each object has two LOD (Levels Of Detail). Mid-poly and Low-poly (manually simplified). So you can choose the best version for your project.

Fences are best suited to contemporary or 20th century architecture.


1) Main (fences)

Unique Elements : 162

   Examples (sorted by the number of triangles):

   SM_Fence_F_Gate_01 (triangles: 1382, low-poly: 760)

   SM_Fence_C_Gate_01 (triangles: 918, low-poly: 389)

   SM_Fence_A_Gate_03 (triangles: 756, low-poly: 402)

   SM_Fence_A_Chain_01 (triangles: 552, low-poly: 272)

   SM_Fence_D_Wall_02 (triangles: 216, low-poly: 110)

   SM_Fence_B_Panel_01 (triangles: 140, low-poly: 12)

   SM_Fence_A_Bracket_01 (triangles: 88, low-poly: 40)

   SM_Fence_E_Pole_01 (triangles: 20, low-poly: 12)

Unique Meshes: 113 (LOD0 and LOD1)

Base Materials: 1

Material Inst.: 12

Textures: 36 (resolution and number):

   8192x8192 (x33)

   256x256 (x3)

Collision: Yes

LOD: Yes (ready LOD0, LOD1)

2) Additional (demo)

Demo scenes: 1

Base Materials - Additional: 2

3) Overall

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

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