Exosoundia - Sci fi Music Pack

DanielCarl - 音乐 - 2024/04/24

Explore an alien jungle planet, accompanied by 29 great tracks.

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Dive into the fascinating world of an uncharted jungle planet, where exotic sounds and pulsating rhythms fill the air. From the idyllic beauty of its untouched landscapes to the perilous depths of its impenetrable forests, this soundtrack takes you on an epic journey through the alien realms of the unknown.

This package features 17 individual songs, 10 loops, and 2 additional loops. The music is suitable for all types of sci-fi, action and FPS games.

You get royalty-free music here that you can use in your game or movie-project.



Action Escape 02:13

Cosmic Odyssey 02:20

Orbital flight 02:10

Landing Site 02:34

Wilderness Rhythms 03:48

The Jungle 02:26

Magic surrounds us 03:02

Hidden Paradise 04:12

Moonlit Melodies 04:00

Savage Symphony 03:26

Jungle Ambush 03:22

The enemy is coming 01:14

Underground Cave 03:22

Unexpected situation 00:54

Tense Situation 03:08

Over the surface 01:32

Sweet home 01:10


Action Escape 01:52

Cosmic Odyssey 02:08

Infiltration* 01:36

Jungle Ambush 03:28

Landing Site 02:24

Magic surrounds us 02:56

Moonlit Melodies Ambient 03:50

Savage Symphony Ambient 03:52

Tense Situation 02:50

Underground Cave 02:36

Unknown Enemy* 01:36

Wilderness Rhythms 03:44

*extra composed music


Number of Audio Wavs: 29

Number of Audio Cues: 29

Sample rate / bit rate: 44,100 Hz, 16-bit

Does music loop: Yes

Minutes of audio provided: Themes 45:10min | seamless loops 32:53min

Supported Development Platforms: all