Electronic Props ( Phones, Camera, Servers, Printers etc.)

KavaSoft - 1月 22, 2021

KAVA Pack of Electronic Devices. Server Racks, Phones, Computers, Audio etc.

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Tactical Intervention is copyright to D'Carrick

Dear everyone,

We want

to present to you our latest addition to UE4 Marketplace:

An Asset Pack of semi-nostalgic, lowpoly Electronics / Electronic Devices created by Industry

Professionals to give you decent performance and combine this with good looks

and high compatibility for low- and high-end devices. There are printers, computers, phones, scanners, servers... and some broken models as well.

With this pack, you will get a total number of 125 Meshes, 334 Textures, 100

Material Instances and several other goodies (check Feature List below for more


As always, we are looking forward to comments and feedback.

Best regards,



·        Low poly design for Game / VR use

·        Meshes built to professional standards

·        Normal maps as well as AO, metallic, roughness maps in Masks included for better performance

Vertex Counts:

Meshes: 94

LODs: 3

Textures: 232

Materials: 4

Material Instances: 67

Material Functions: 2