Dynamic Weapon Sound kit v2

NaniteRecords - 音效 - 2022/11/29

This package includes professional and luxurious gun sound.

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This package includes professional and luxurious gun sound.

It includes the sound of replacing a gun barrel, pulling bolts, firing a gun, the sound of a silencer attached,

and a variety of reverb sounds that make space sound.

This large game sound package will greatly contribute to the completion of your project :D



  • It includes the sound of inserting and removing gun Magazine(Clip).
  • Contains the sound of pulling and releasing bolts.
  • It contains the sound of a firearm firing.
  • It includes the firing sound of a silencer firearm.
  • It contains spatial sounds (Reverb) of all sounds, such as magazine replacement, Re-loading, and firing.
  • All gunfire sounds are applied with spatial sounds from various environments. It also plays different sounds depending on the distance.
  • When a fired gun is blocked from view by other objects, the sound is also hidden.
  • I promise this mega pack will be upgraded every time.
  • If you have any ideas, please review or ask questions!

Sounds. [ Dry : No Reverb, Original / Reverb : Room Sound ]

  • Bolt Catchers 190
  • Bolt Movement 570
  • Bolt Pulls 570
  • Bolt Release 551
  • Explosion 01
  • Fire 1102
  • Fire_Silenced 893
  • Magazine In 798
  • Magazine Out 906


  • BassRoom
  • BathRoom
  • BrightLargeRoom
  • Closet
  • ConsertHallLA
  • ConsertHalLSydney
  • CoolChorus
  • DrumStudio
  • FatAmbience
  • MediumHall
  • NeutralConsertHall
  • NeutralRoom
  • SlapBackAmbience
  • SlapBackHall
  • SmallDarkHall
  • TheLittleRoom
  • TightSmallRoom
  • WarmVintage

We will add sound to this package and upgrade the product more than once a month.

Please purchase a lot.Please look forward to the next production. :D


Number of Audio Waves: 5581

Number of Audio Cues: 5581

Sample rate / bit rate: 44,100Hz, 24bit-Depth, 320Kbps

Supported Development Platforms: All

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes