Dreamscape: Stylized Environment Mountains - Stylized Nature Open World Fantasy

Polyart Studio - 环境 - 2021/06/07

The next collection of AAA quality assets to build next-gen stylized environments.nature environments in minutes!

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Fully compatible with UE5!

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The 2nd pack in the Dreamscape collection is here! A large collection of AAA quality assets to build next-gen stylized environments. Featuring over 100 high-quality stylized meshes, support for Virtual Textures, a fully customizable water system, and a massive open-world demo map, this stylized environment pack is optimized for all platforms, including large-scale open-world games. Check out the animated Gifs and Trailer to get a better taste.


  • High-quality low poly optimized foliage, trees, and forests with a distinct stylized look.
  • Runtime Virtual Texturing for grass and plants.
  • Detail texture and Triplanar Projection support for stones.
  • 4k Impostors for all trees, allowing you to build huge environments with a minimal performance cost.
  • Auto-Landscape material with Triplanar support to instantly create appealing terrains just by using the standard terrain tools with distance base tiling blending and 8 paintable layers.
  • Highly optimized material workflow using master materials and material instances with fully customizable parameters and color palettes.
  • Stylized particle effects.



  • 105 meshes.
  • 11 Unique Trees.
  • RVT Grass & Flowers.
  • Rocks & Cliffs.
  • Stylized Sky and Cloud Cards.
  • Props & VFX.
  • 4k Octahedral Impostors.
  • Terrain auto-material with 8 paintable layers and tri-planar projection support.
  • Suitable for large open worlds.
  • Suitable for all platforms.
  • Stylized Water shaders.
  • Custom optimized LODs and Collisions.
  • Customizable materials including color palettes and wind settings.
  • Open-World Demo scene included.

Number of Unique Meshes: 105

Collision: Yes

Vertex Count: 100-15000

LODs: Yes

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 116

Number of Textures:190

Texture Resolutions: 512 - 4096

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac

IMPORTANT - In order to get the same result as in the screenshots, in the project settings:

  • Disable "Allow Static Lighting"
  • Enable "Generate Mesh Distance Fields"
  • Enable "Virtual Texture Support"