Dash Ability

Try This At Home - 11月 25, 2020

A dash ability that can climb up walls and run into characters.

  • 支持的平台
  • 支持的引擎版本
    4.19 - 4.26
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A dash actor component that can be added to any character. The dash can be used to climb up walls, and run into other characters.


Email: contact@trythisatho.me



  •  1 actor component with ability.
  •  Simple to add to any player character.
  •  Example fx that can easily be swapped out in the actor component.

Number of Blueprints:

Input: [In the example project] Hold shift to dash.

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes [Tested on Windows only]

Documentation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16hry9ZdvAluMzEwJYG8D8S7c5RC8HBhNZPowwI5YiQ0/edit?usp=sharing