Cyberpunk - Urban Steel

IL.ranch - 5月 14, 2021

Modular package for creating cyberpunk sci-fi environments - 'city streets-like'.

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Video preview:


This pack contains modular constructor for creating cyberpunk sci-fi environments: sci-fi city-like, blocks.

Includes background traffic system, blueprint based, simple route system for robots/vehicles, blueprint based.



  • modular walls, walls props;
  • flying robot-machines, animated (see video preview);
  • background traffic system, blueprint based (see video preview);
  • simple route system for robots/vehicles, blueprint based (see video preview) - any 3d model will follows for route points + super fast distance detection for it (no square root calculations, even no multiplication, no division calculations): opportunity to use extremely high count of robots/vehicles for your scene for route system;
  • simple floor + fence for some humanoid characters;
  • lightning effect (particle based);
  • misc props (see video preview);
  • textures 4K;
  • 100-5000 tris;
  • LOD's.

Number of Unique Meshes: ~70;

Collision: (Yes) - automatic;

Triangles Count: 100 - 5000;

LODs: (Yes);

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 30;

Number of Textures: 75

Texture Resolutions: 4K;

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux;